Piece description from the artist

Many layers create this piece. Pink, purple,red, peek out from behind gray stripes to create a fun play between structure and wild. A depth is added with a texture pattern over the whole piece that pulls you into the piece.

Other works by Sara Billingsley

About Sara Billingsley

Boulder, CO

Starting at the age of eight Sara Billingsley took one on one art lessons through out her schooling until she went to college. In 2010, she graduated from Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, OR with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. She then moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career in art. Sara uses patterns in her work to connect her inner emotional self to the outside world. She uses found patterns and patterns she creates to try to connect the world she lives in to the world inside her. Creating her work is about the process and the healing that it does for her, as well as the viewer. In the end she creates bold, colorful, textural paintings that become about the feel of the paint and the play of color through her reaction to life.

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