Soft flight

Soft Flight

Piece description from the artist

I paint what I know and what I feel using abstracted figures and landscapes to reflect the human condition. Through emotional expression and diverse aesthetics I share my personal subjects and stories with the intention of reaching a broad public. I believe that we all experience the same thoughts and feelings along our journey through life, each of us having the same spiritual core. Human beings share more in common than we often think.

With boundless colors, patterning and textures, my work is dense, filled with history and emotion. Through a wide range of processes and techniques – including drawing, painting, pouring and sculpting -my works become multi-layered compositions imitating the complexity of life.

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About Julian Lesser

New York, NY

Julian Lesser, born and raised in New York, received his BFA from New Paltz University with a concentration in painting. It was there that Lesser found his true voice and ability to capture his mind, consciousness and personality in the tangible form of paintings. In 2005 Lesser moved to New York City where he currently lives and works, creating art and exhibiting throughout the country. Lesser brings a love of color and exploration to his pieces, which also incorporate the energy and rush of the environments around him. Inspired by his own life and journey for truth and purpose, Lesser's work portrays the many facets of the human condition. By focusing on basic virtues Lesser's work breaks down walls and manages to transcend gender, sexuality and race, making his paintings accessible to the broad public.

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