Smoke and mirrors

Smoke and Mirrors

Piece description from the artist

I was able to soften this painting by spraying large areas with layers of thin gray. Initially, I was going to do the entire painting gray scale, but it was too hard to resist the glow of copper and sparks of bleached lines. I am always looking for that pop that brings a painting to life. The metallic flux and glow became the perfect compliment to the soft smoky gray throughout.

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About Halee Roth

Bountiful, UT

At home in her desert oasis, Halee is an avid gardener and rock hound. Her love for all things earth can be seen in her organic art style and in her easy-going personality. As an educator, she taught her art students to reject the tendencies of human nature, or the robot, and assume the laws of nature, finding unity in artwork through free-flowing line, asymmetry, and shape variation. Though classically trained with an emphasis in figure drawing and painting through Utah State University, Halee found that the best way to unwind was by making intuitive washes on paper (a style she has now perfected). This meditative unwind is essential as Halee is mother to three young children. The awards won (for sculpture, if you can believe it) and the years spent teaching art have given way to this new balance of work and family life. The calm feeling you get when you fall deep into contemplation over one of her pieces is exactly the calm she feels while creating and is what keeps her painting in this crazy crazy world.

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