Remembering tower records

Remembering Tower Records

Piece description from the artist

I miss Tower Records on Lower Broadway. Gone but not forgotten. I discovered such great music when I walked into the store, often hearing something on the store's stereo system that I was unfamiliar with. There were always great salespeople working who knew A LOT about music and musicians. One of life's great pleasures was looking through the vinyl albums and later CD's and taking home music that would play on my turntable providing many hours of enjoyment. Another piece of a lost New York.

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About Sharon Florin

Long Island City, NY

Sharon Florin has been an oil painter of the urban landscape for over 40 years and has been described as an “urban documentarian”. The older buildings and side streets of New York hold a special fascination for her as she endeavors to capture the texture, detail and especially the light of the city. Street scenes, architectural details and reflections on buildings cloaked in glass facades are her specialty. Florin’s work documents what is so familiar that you can walk by without noticing it, and yet tomorrow it may be gone.

Sharon Florin’s work has been exhibited since 1980 in solo exhibitions and in numerous group shows and she has created many commissioned paintings of specific sites and buildings. Her work has received awards from The National Association of Women Artists, The Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club, the Allied Artists of America and the Butler Institute of American Art among others.

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