Nothing to see here

Nothing To See Here

Piece description from the artist

Layers of scraped and manipulated paint build depth and dimension, over which simple markings in black and white contrast with the complexity of the surface below. 24 × 24 × 1.5. (thick gallery wrapped canvas). Edges painted grey, Back wired (as shown, though can be displayed in any direction), ready to hang.

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About Sarah Trundle

Charlottesville, VA

arah Trundle is a Charlottesville, Va. painter who, after beginnings in representational art, now works primarily in abstraction.

Her unique and many-layered paintings range from bold, geometric, brightly colored abstracts, to serene, monochromatic, minimalism. These seemingly disparate styles evidence the relationship between order and chaos, between simplicity and complexity, that fuels her process.

Her work is an exploration of the interdependence of these seemingly opposite concepts. Rarely working in a serial way, each painting represents a unique end result of a constantly shifting and evolving process. Her approach is one of obscuring and re-defining, of complicating and consolidating, of taking risks to see what surprises emerge to inform each subsequent step, and eventually lead to the final balance that give her that "aha!!" moment and finishes the painting. The simplicity of the final product thus often belies the complexity of its creation.

It is this struggle and process, this push pull between simple and complex, random and intentional, order and chaos, apparent and obscured, circle and square, this "what if…?" line of thinking, that Sarah sees as an integral part of the finished painting as a whole. She thus strives to give the viewer a window into this struggle by leaving remnants of early marks and layers, shifted lines and shapes, and indecision and risks, all still visible.

She is represented by several galleries nationwide and is honored to have her work in numerous private and public collections internationally.

Sarah holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Dartmouth College and a Masters Degree in Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University. She started her career as a full time artist after having worked many years as a mental health therapist (who always dabbled in art).

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