No 195

No. 195

Piece description from the artist

In 2013 I started a personal project called "Art Every Day". I would paint every day, most times completing a piece and post to Instagram to keep myself on track. I did this for three years 2013, 2015, and 2017 – taking a year break between each. At the time I felt I needed to be much more rigorous with my art practice and as a result I noticed improvements in my skills and also the ease to which I walked into the studio. This piece was completed in 2017 but is actually from multiple years of the project because I ended up painting over and reworking many of the paintings from that time.

Other works by Jessalin Beutler

About Jessalin Beutler

Seattle, WA

Jessalin Beutler decided that making art would become her life's focus after graduating from Whitman College with a BA in philosophy in 2004. Primarily self taught, her work has taken many forms: drawing, photography, printmaking, graphic design, illustration, paper making, painting and textile design. She started selling her work online in 2006 with experimental paintings, prints and hand made cards. Her process is intuitive and energetic, often using painting to explore inner feelings and collective moods. Instead of philosophy, she now studies and refers to astrology to help her understand the work she is creating and the energetics of the times. Jessalin continues to explore her fine art practice on canvas, paper and fabric. Experimentation is huge in her creative process. She loves the challenge of reaching beyond a familiar style, keeping the process of making always new.

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