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From Nederland is voor de vogels series.
It is said that to stand in the shadow of a Griffon vulture brings good luck. A single feather from this bird, according to Greek myth, could protect against snake bites, cure blindness, and relieve the pain of childbirth.

Recently, around 100 Griffon vultures took an unexpected venture north from their home in the Pyrenees Mountains, cruising on thermal updrafts to the southern part of the Netherlands. Why would the Griffons — with wingspans of up to 2.8 meters — take the 1,000-kilometer trip for only a few days? Despite its large size, this bird seldom kills its food and usually will not touch prey showing any signs of life.

New EU regulations have forbidden Spanish farmers from leaving dead cattle carcasses in their fields for fear of mad cow disease, so the Griffons have nothing to eat as they are scavengers – and rely on carrion for survival.

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37.0" x 47.0"
Oil on linen

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