Grevillia in blue

Grevillia in Blue

Piece description from the artist

Using a Grevillea flower (looks like a Bottle Brush) a native Australian plant. I set up a close up image with its long styles and pollen presenters surrounding the flowers anthers. The image was then changed in a solarization process during editing to completely change the natural color and build an abstract image.

Other works by Rob Shiels

About Rob Shiels

Buderim, Australia

Rob Shiels is a self-taught photographer from Australia.
From 1989 in parallel with a career in business he has explored photography including equestrian ( Arabians) documentary and travel. In 2011 he ventured into videography completing Filmmaking Coures in 2015. The videography started with underwater then progressed to travel and providing commercial footage to international institutions.

Since 2017, Rob has migrated purely to digital still photography in his studio, travel, and landscape photography. Exploring with light in the studio, where there is peace but not silence. Often starting from a completely black room and slowly introducing various lights to draw the image. The work in his studio creates abstract, object, design images, and he is constantly challenging himself with new ideas and concepts. Rob immerses himself in ideas, music, and photography. He needs the music to work, the quiet distraction it provides. His style is strongly influenced to minimalism and working a concept to an image particularly in black and white photography. Creative design with low light or minimal light, creating abstract or still life scenes in simple forms.
A relaxing alternative genre is landscapes where fortunately Rob lives in a regional destination that encompasses Pacific Ocean surf beaches, rivers, sugar cane fields, hinterland rolling green hills and tropical rain-forests. Working with natures, natural lines and beauty in landscape and travel photos- also capturing that instant moment in street photography. More rural Australian images will be coming to his portfolio as the country stabilizes from the world pandemic.

Rob finds great satisfaction when an image is completed and viewers are curious and raises questions rather than an instant recognition of the subject. Others will react with uncertainty and will only be drawn to a response after some consideration. Rob has many ideas yet to be produced, some will succeed, and some will fail, but constantly improving. He can get tired of one style of image and then move onto another so there will always be new and changing images coming through.

And that’s great.

See Rob's portfolio here

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