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Spring has a way of arriving overnight. The high peaks were still packed in snow. Most four-wheel drive roads weren't even passable yet. But I headed out on a lower forest service road, hoping to find signs of life after a dreary winter. It only took a few minutes to find the chartreuse-tinged aspen groves of my fantasies. True, most of the leaves were only dime-sized. But one glade was clearly ahead of the rest. I chose a lens where the largest parts of the trunks would fill the frame. Then I added camera movement, hoping to convey the enveloping sense of calm in that forest. And the fleeting nature of all beginnings.

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About Morgan Leigh Mckenna

Colorado, CO

Morgan McKenna is a fine art photographer known for intimate landscapes, water close-ups, mystical tree images, ethereal flowers, and meditative pattern photography. Considered one of the pioneers of the intentional camera movement (ICM), McKenna’s ICM images are known for their detail, painterly feel, and artful composition.
McKenna’s background as a musician comes through in her meticulous choice of subjects, the way she frames and times each image, and her discipline of seasoned technical practices from camera to editing room.

McKenna's highest goal is to be present and collaborate with what wants to happen through her camera. There is an essence of a scene that comes together beyond what any photographer can imagine. Surrendering to that essence (what McKenna calls, "the soul of a moment") is as much a spiritual practice as it is artistic.
McKenna’s pieces have been highlighted by national card companies, including Hallmark and Beautyway. In 2013, Laguna Beach Art Magazine named her one of "twenty artists you should know.” She offers fine art prints as well as finished works on a variety of media including non-glare metal, luminous acrylic, art papers, and canvas. All treatments are archival.

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