From both sides

China Sisters

Piece description from the artist

Inspired by a trip to the Alhambra in Spain, I was asked to take a picture of two Chinese woman, holding an umbrella.
It was a rainy day but the flowers and trees were lush.

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About Anne Ierardi

Yarmouth Port, MA
Anne Ierardi is a painter and writer. Anne studied fine arts in Boston, California, Florence, and Provincetown. Influenced by the expressionist artists, she created a series of women jazz singers listening to her favorite sounds. She has exhibited her work widely in New England. Her memoir, Coming Alive will be published in 2021. Anne illustrated the book, Walking with Grief: A Healing Journey with 21 paintings, published by the healing center that she founded. She enjoys traveling, playing guitar, and having adventures.

I delight in using color, form, and rhythm to bring energy and resolve tension as I render the landscapes of Cape Cod, create abstracts of the inner landscape, and form figures within a landscape. I see my work as a “landscape of the imagination” beckoning views to enter their own inner spaces.
Love of music and jazz permeates my soul. My jazz series celebrates twelve Great Ladies of jazz, painting them as I responded with joy to their music, Billie Holiday Ella Fitzgerald, Alberta Hunter and others. I created a power-point presentation to highlight their life stories which I presented to a group of psychologists in Barcelona. The portraits of these women capture the soul of their gift and their struggle as African-American women.

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