Composition no2

Composition (no.2)

Piece description from the artist

This piece was inspired by an earlier artwork that I did, titled 'Composition (no.1)'

Other works by Larry Bentley

About Larry Bentley

New York, NY

Larry Bentley is a self-taught artist whose work is mainly focused on Hard Edge Painting, Color Field, Minimal and Geometric Abstraction Art, with an emphasis on clean lines, varying shapes and color combinations, in the use of acrylic paints.

Larry's inspirations derive from his past profession in the fashion and modeling industry as well as being surrounded by an abundance of art when he worked at The Metropolitan Museum of Art and at Sotheby’s Auction House.

He's greatly influenced by the many cultures and places traveled to, architecture, interior design and the Mid Century Modern era, especially by the prominent artists of that period and of the simplistic ethos and aesthetics exhibited during that time.

See Larry's portfolio here

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