City dog

City Dog

Piece description from the artist

"I’m a city dog. My world is asphalt. People pick up MY poop. Its the law. Nice, right? I’m usually in a hurry. But not on this early fall evening, The last of the sun winks between the sky-scrapers surrounding the park. Its just about bedtime for the kids and the last of the ice cream trucks has packed up and rolled away. The street still echos with the wail of the poor kid who dropped this cone. There’s no three-second rule out here if you know what I mean. Who knows what’s been on that sidewalk. Once it hits pavement it’s gone to the human world. To me that is a beautiful thing but I feel her pain. Really I do. Slurp, slup, burp. Excuse me!"

Other works by Mary Ann Smith

About Mary Ann Smith

New York, NY

Mary Ann Smith is an illustrator by profession; she loved to draw as a child and was encouraged to pursue this passion. Her artwork has appeared in many newspapers, news sites, and magazines over the years, as well as on some book covers. These image were often topical in theme, dealing with business, technology, current events and relationships.

A few years ago, Mary Ann began sketching and drawing images for a younger audience with a bit of fantasy and playfulness to widen her artistic horizons and has decided to share them with others. More than anything, Mary Ann hopes that you will enjoy her work.

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