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Archimedes Chiral

Archimedes Chiral

Piece description from the artist

Archimedes Chiral (the original ink on paper drawing) is available through the G19 Gallery, Rockport, MA.

This piece was recently selected for a a juried show hosted by the "Bridges Math-art organization's":http://www.bridgesmathart.org/ annual international January Joint Math Art meeting exhibition. It was on the cover of the exhibition catalogue, and featured again on the cover of the American mathematical Association's bimonthly magazine. Bridges Math Art is a group of mathematician artists from all over the world.

The title is a pun on the Archimedes Spiral, which is a 2 dimensional chiral object. In this case the black ink patterns overlaid on the spiral suggest differing chiral environments and entities interacting with the spiral path. Pigment ink felt tip fine point pen and prismacolor art marker on Strathmore “Windpower” recycled content acid fee drawing paper.

This piece was made with archival art marker on the reversed side of the drawing, layered heavily and allowed to seep through. This creates colored regions that retain their geometry, but gain texture and softness from the properties of ink spreading and diffusion. Darkening at the edges of many of the colored shapes creates the illusion of a fine line outline, yet shades softly into the shapes’ interiors. The “bleed through” color pattern is a perfect complement to drawn fine line traceries and soft stippled patterns.