Americana i

Americana I

Piece description from the artist

A street performer unintentionally puts hand on heart in front of Old Glory.

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About Michael S Cohen

Boston, MA

Hi. I love to make photographs. Whether it’s around the corner or in a remote corner of the world, there are photographs to be made everywhere. The camera is a great introduction to people I meet, and it breaks down any language barrier almost instantly. Beautiful scenes of nature can be captured, precious moments frozen in time. We all move through our space in the world so fast that we miss some of the most miraculous moments around us. The camera slows me down. It encourages observation. And, when I’m lucky, I get to be in the right place at the right time to capture a sliver of a moment through the lens. For me, photography is a never-ending search for those slivers.

But most of all, making photographs nourishes my soul. Some people write, others cook or paint or make pottery. I make photographs and I hope they bring you as much pleasure as they bring me.


Michael was born and raised in the Boston area splits his time between Cape Cod, Boston, and Jackson Hole, Wyoming. He and his wife love to travel, ski and spend time on the water. Michael’s early photographic training was journalistic and that influences his style today. His work has won numerous awards, is shown in galleries and hangs in homes across the country.

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