Affiliate Artist Agreement


Completely fill out information via the Artist Dashboard which will be used to create a personal artist page filed internally in the TurningArt database.

Artwork Images and Piece Details

  • Submit artwork to be listed as available for lease and/or sale.

  • Provide TurningArt with one or more images of each piece (TIF, JPG, or PNG file). There is no image formatting requirement but submitting high resolution images of all angles of the piece to fully describe it is preferable.

  • Submit piece details (dimensions, description, materials, price, lease availability, shipping estimate, and other relevant information) to be listed on piece pages linked to the internally listed artist profile.

  • Submit images and details on past projects to be used as samples of work in client proposals.

  • Submitted information is not public!​ Information submitted under the Affiliate Artists program will only be listed internally for TurningArt Art Advisors and administrators to browse and include in client proposals.

  • Pieces listed through the Affiliate Artist program will not be eligible for the limited edition print program.

Copyright and Fair Use

  • The Artist maintains full copyright to their work.

  • The Artist grants TurningArt permission to use images of their work in client proposals and marketing materials until such time as the relationship between TurningArt and the Artist is terminated.

Sale Proceeds

  • When the sale of an available artwork is made through TurningArt, the Artist will receive 60% of the sale proceeds and TurningArt will receive 40% of the sale proceeds.

  • The Artist will also receive 60% of the agreed upon sale proceeds for commissioned works completed through TurningArt and TurningArt will receive 40% of these sale proceeds.

  • When a piece is installed under a lease contract of one year, the Artist will receive 25% of the purchase price to be paid in monthly installments. In the case of a contracted period of less than one year, the artist earnings will be pro-rated and the Artist will be paid in monthly installments equal to total installment paid in a one year contract.

  • TurningArt will reimburse the Artist for packaging and shipping costs up to $150 unless otherwise agreed upon. The artist is responsible for submitting receipts in order to be reimbursed for packing and shipping the original art to the purchaser.

  • As long as this Agreement is in effect and for three years thereafter, the Artist may not sell or rent artwork directly to parties known to the Artist to be clients of TurningArt, except for sales or rentals directly involving TurningArt Inc..

End of Agreement

Either the Artist or TurningArt may choose to end the relationship at any time, at which point the following will occur:

  • The Artist page and all images of the Artist’s work will be removed from the internal database.

  • Any works out on lease will be returned to the Artist at the end of the contracted lease period.

  • TurningArt will no longer disclose information about the Artist or the Artist’s work to clients or any other parties.