Artwork as a Service

For Businesses and Real Estate Nationwide


Turnkey Service

We handle everything, from design and curation to installation and rotation, freeing you to get involved as much or as little as you like. You will have a dedicated Art Advisor throughout.

Dynamic Spaces

We rotate the artwork at the frequency of your choosing to not only keep your space looking fresh and up to date, but also make it as dynamic as the people who work there.

Local Artwork, Nationally

We work directly with over 1,000 artists nationwide so that, wherever you are, you can feature the work of local artists in your space.

Extensive Selection

Drawing from a proprietary catalogue of over 25,000 pieces in a variety of sizes and styles, we ensure that you get the right artwork every time. We can arrange commissions and sculpture installations as desired.

Community Engagement

An optional voting tool lets your community participate in artwork selection, making the TurningArt experience uniquely engaging. See it in action.

Flexible Pricing

Our ability to seamlessly intermix prints and originals, and to combine purchase and rental options, gives us superior design and pricing flexibility. Pay up front or over time.

Trusted By Brands You Trust


“The SVG Corporate Campus is comprised of several buildings, all with expansive elevator lobby walls in need of something fresh. Our owners are committed to supporting Local Los Angeles artists and had success with full scale wall vinyl applications in the past. TurningArt offered a variety of options to align with the specificity of our vision. After living with the art, our team has confirmed that the style is really working and right for the buildings. We love it, so we will be getting more!"

“We recently opened our newest apartment high-rise, Halsted Flats, and were looking to incorporate a best-in-market design aesthetic. TurningArt listened closely to our needs and put together a fantastic artwork program that complemented our vision. Our residents have loved the look since day one. I’m looking forward to working with TurningArt again on future projects.”

"There are so many layers to manage in a renovation project, so having a partner like TurningArt to curate an art collection that complements the design is ideal for us. The way they interface with the client to pick art makes the selections more personal and by taking care of all coordination, TurningArt keeps our process simple and efficient."

"We put a lot of thought into the design of our new space, so finding the right art was important to us. TurningArt's recommendations were spot on and complemented the crisp, modern feel that we were going for. Everything really came together once the art was installed, it was the perfect final touch! We had a blast working with our Advisor who made the whole process easy and fun."


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